Friday, April 22, 2011

Finger Food

Matthew loves eating. He gets very jealous if you have food and he does not. I've started introducing finger food in the last few weeks. He has tried baby mum mums, puffs, bananas and now avocados. Here is a video I took yesterday of the kids at lunch!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Egg Decorating

We started off our Easter Week by decorating a few eggs with our neighbor. The girls had so much fun watching the eggs turning colors and then decorating with lots of stickers. We plan on doing another dozen this weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Back!

Its been a few months since I last blogged and I am hoping to get back to blogging on a regular basis. So much has happened in the past few months. The girls are full speed ahead at potty training. Abby picked up on it real quick and only wears diapers for nap and nighttime. Chloe fought me on it but I told her no more diapers this past Monday and now I'm proud to say she is only wearing diapers in her bed as well. Can't wait to only have one in diapers! Matthew is growing so much so fast. He is eating finger foods now (beginner one like puffs and small banana pieces) and starting to get on the move. He started sort of army crawling this week and he really is getting fast at it. His big sisters are already getting annoyed that he is stealing their toys and "No Matthew that is my toy" is becoming a common sentence in our house.