Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This day has been the best day I've had in weeks! As I type both of my girls are in their cribs taking a nice long nap. Chloe gave into the fight after about 40 minutes of crying and has been sleeping like an angel ever since. At first I couldn't decide what to do with all my "ME" time. Then I thought of my favorite thing...I took a nice loonnngggg hot bath and read my book. Now I am out and it seems as if I even have some time to spare. Oh what should I do. Play on facebook? Play on the web? Read some more? Finish the laundry? Oh I don't care all I know is the weather outside is so beautiful and my house is nice and quiet!

Sunday Fun Day!

A couple of weeks ago we spent our Sunday Fun Day building a fort for the girls out of their play mat. The fort definitely took Daddy longer to build than it took the girls to destroy it. They had so much fun crawling in and out of it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slow Blogging

I've wanted to blog and have thought of many ideas/topics but just can't find the time lately. We are still having sleeping issues with Chloe and that seems to occupy all my free time (which would be about none right now). When we get the girls to sleep I am just too tired to even get on the computer.

Abby's been busy cruising around on anything she can hang onto. She will be walking before we know it! Chloe is busy working on pulling up and working on her pointing skills. She loves to point to your tongue. Today we took them to the doctors for their flu shot boosters and they were champs. They hardly cried at all. I guess they are used to getting four shots so one is no biggy.

Here are two pictures from our Saturday picnic with Uncle Laszlo and Aunt Sarah:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

13 Months!

I had intended on blogging on Friday the twins 13 month birthday, but it just didn't happen. I've had a tough week starting last Wednesday when Chloe decided she was attached to me and didn't want me to go. She screams when I put her in her crib for naps or bedtime. Let her cry it out you might say. Oh I have the longest time being for 1 1/2 hours when she finally gave in and slept for 30 minutes. She will promptly fall asleep on the couch or bed next to me but if I move her into her crib the second she realizes she's not with me she cries. Abby has been a great sleeper and continues even through Chloe's crying, but it does wake her from time to time. I'm not sure what to do at this point, do I suffer through the crying who knows for how long or do I give in to a little peace and quiet and let her nap next to me while I read a book. I don't want to give up yet but she is a little fighter and has been since she was only 3 lbs 6 oz. This is one of the qualities we love about her, she may be the smaller twin but she is tougher too!

So at 13 months the girls still do not have any teeth. Abby is pulling up on everything and Chloe will be close behind her. Chloe does the funniest thing she sometimes looks at her legs while she is crawling (not watching in front of her) and has crawled right into things such as the wall and a closed door. She doesn't slow down either when she is doing this she is still full speed ahead. They are into everything! All the bedroom and bathroom doors are closed in my house so they can roam freely do the hallway without getting into trouble. Our coffee table has been cleared except for the very middle which I am sure will be going too soon. I no longer go anywhere without my two little followers this even includes using the restroom where they try to get to the toilet paper as it has been discovered and how much fun it is to rip into a thousand small different pieces. Our kitty spends most of her day in our bedroom, out on the porch or perched high up on a windowsill where she is out of reach from her two little chasers.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Abby Can Stand

This video is about a week old, but it is of Abby standing all by herself! She can pull up and she is really proud of herself! She also can go from the couch to the coffee table just by reaching her arm out (one on the couch and the other on the table). Chloe will be close behind as she seems to be taking notes on how her big sis is doing it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Trip- Day 9...returning to FL

Sunday morning we got up and left NJ around 5am. The whole house got up with us to say goodbye, which was super nice. We had a wonderful trip and were sad to see it go by so fast.
*Eating lunch on the way home:

*Cool tunnel we went through:

*The girls in their big girl car seats:

Our Trip- Day 8

On Saturday, we went with Ryan and Bobby into the city. We went to the American Museum of Natural History. That museum is huge and definitely could not see it all in one visit. Next we went to Central Park for a stroll followed by a slice of pizza. Had to head back early this trip to get some more hanging time in at the house and to pack up. We planned on leaving around 4:30am on Sunday morning.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Trip- Day 7

On Friday Joe's Aunt Jerilee and cousin Ben drove from PA to visit with us. We had a wonderful day. Abby and Chloe took to Jerilee right away. We joked that they thought it was their Grandma Nichols because they look and sound so much alike.
*Chloe and Aunt Jerilee:

*Abby walking with Aunt Jerilee:

*Bobby playing Chloe's catch me game:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Trip- Day 6

On Thursday we took the girls to the Turtleback Zoo. It was the perfect size for their first zoo outing...not too small, not too big, it was just right! The weather was awesome that day too!

*The girls at the zoo:

*Chloe with Joe looking at a goat:

*Joe with Abby and Chloe standing next to the big work horse:

*Chloe and Me on the train:

Our Trip- Day 5

On Wednesday Joe and I had big plans to take the girls out to do something fun. We enjoyed hanging out on Tuesday so much that's just how Wednesday turned out too!
Chloe was fast to make friends!
*Chloe and Bobby...she took to him from day 1:

*Chloe and Ryan:

Our Trip- Day 4

Tuesday was a lazy day spent hanging around the house. We all enjoyed relaxing after our busy Monday.

Here is Chloe sleeping on Aunt Gesa...

Our Trip- Day 3

On our 3rd day, we planned a trip into the City (Manhattan). We had a busy and full day but it was great. We took the train in and met Joe's cousin Kris for lunch.
*Chloe hanging out with Kris after our delicious lunch:

*The girls napping after lunch:

Next we met up with Emily, Joe's cousin Jordan's wife. She took us sight seeing all afternoon followed by a great dinner and we ended the evening with a fast cab ride back to Penn Station to catch our train. The girls had many firsts in the city. Here are a few...

*We visited the American Girl store...this is where the dolls get their hair done:

*The family at Rockefeller Center:

*Joe talking to Emily and the girls at Rockefeller Center...Emily does not like to take pictures and I snuck this one....SORRY EMILY:)

*Joe and Chloe in Central Park:

*Me and Abby in Central Park:

*We visited FAO Schwartz..this is made completely out on jelly beans:

*St. Patrick's Cathedral was breathtaking!

*Even after our long day in the City, the girls were still so good on our train ride back!

Our Trip- Day 2

It was a beautiful thing to wake up on Sunday morning in a very comfy bed, in NJ and not driving in the car(Thanks Bobby for letting us crash in your awesome redone room!!!). When we got up we were informed by Joe's cousins that it was "Sunday Fun Day"! This means you have to do 2 hours of something fun and the rest of the day relax! Now that was my kind of day! So what to do with our 2 hours....we decided to go fishing. A great time was had by all. The weather was awesome...high in the upper 70's and breezy. I caught 9 fish (Yeah ME!!!), Joe caught 2 or 3 but the cake goes to Joe's cousin, Bobby, who caught a huge catfish he was stalking most of the afternoon.

Our Trip- Day 1

We left the house Saturday morning about 4:30am. It was very early but excitement fueled us that first day. Driving that early on a Saturday was a great idea! The girls slept, traffic was light and we made good time. By 9:15am we were stopping at the NC Welcome Center and rest area for breakfast. What a beautiful morning. Right as we got there a huge flock of Canadian geese flew in and landed in the pond. Walking down to the picnic area, we spotted a couple feeding twins. What a small world...they had 9 week old boy/girl twins. They came over to chat while we feed the girls and they couldn't have been nicer.

Our drive that day was long, but the girls did awesome! We arrived in NJ around 10pm!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

We're back home after a great trip to NJ. I am still trying to get some things done...laundry and working on getting the girls back on their schedule to name a few. I will post lots of pics and tell you all about the fun we had in the next couple of days. Thanks for being patient:)