Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sykes and Cooper Farm

Over the weekend we met up with some good friends and took all our kids to this farm for some fall festivities. We did a corn maze (and yes we got lost...but Kerry got us out!), animals, hayride, corn popper and play ground including a corn box (not sand box but corn box). We had an awesome time and the kids loved it. The weather was just perfect for the first weekend of October!

*Daddy and Matthew

*Emily, Chloe and Abby

*Mommy and Matthew playing in the corn

*Owen and Chloe in the corn

*Abby and Emily in the corn

*Posing with their pumpkins and Matthew trying to make his escape

*Chloe, Emily and Abby on top of the hay

*Matthew jumping in the bouncy with his big sisters

*Chloe going down the big tunnel slide (she loved it!)

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Dawn Nichols said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! Cool corn box!! Thanks for the great pictures!! love to all!